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Our Corporate plan helps you automate daily efforts, increase your team productivity and improve your performance.

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    Explore the visibility and controls, that Faraday provides for security teams.
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    Use it, unlimited scope, for up to 15 days
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    Prioritize those vulns that present the biggest risk.
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    Detect suspicious activity and stop attacks
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    Comply with internal and external policies
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    Identify critical vulnerabilities, malware, exploits and misconfigurations

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Faraday platform is powered by our industry-leading security intelligence research, so you can find and fix vulnerabilities as soon as they’re discovered.

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Faraday Platform

Focus on what matters

  • Risk Score

    Reduce the noise and focus on what’s actually exploitable.

  • Automation

    Integrate scanners automatically into your workflow, scan, ingest and normalize ata easier than before.

  • Team Collaboration

    Optimize your security posture by drastically reducing the time spent on executing, managing, and prioritizing